At the beginning of Term 2, a few volunteers and I started Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club is held from 8:10am until 8:40am every Monday to Friday morning. This is held each morning so students from all year levels have access to some food, juice, and hot Milo on a cold day. We have 3 kinds of juice on offer which include apple and blackcurrant, apple, and orange. For toast, we offer Vegemite, raspberry jam, or butter. Most of our volunteers include Year 11 students who are volunteering as part of their community service hours. This is a great chance for students to build up their confidence, skills and get to know students from all other year levels. We also have some staff who come in early and volunteer their time to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and everyone is happy. The Breakfast Club is run all year round and there is no cost to students whatsoever. This once again allows students who might not have time or the opportunity to have breakfast in the morning to get something into their stomach and are ready to learn.

Miss Rachel Clayton

Youth Ministry Trainee