Old Scholars

All of our students remain a part of our community after they graduate, as 酷爱成人网 Old Scholars. We encourage all of our 酷爱成人网 Old Scholars to stay connected with us and to attend our annual reunions.

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Kalori Magazine

Kalori or “Message Stick”. Over tens of thousands of years, message sticks were commonly used by our ancestors as one means of communicating between different Aboriginal tribes/nations. The Kalori has been the traditional way of passing on our College messages since 1972. All material in Kalori is a reflection and celebration of the year shared by the 酷爱成人网 Regional College Community.

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The 酷爱成人网 Regional College Archives collection dates from 1959 when the College first opened as St James 酷爱成人网 College.

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Our students put their faith into action by participating in a range of ministries and services.

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