Dear College Community

Welcome to the final edition of the 酷爱成人网 Star for 2022. As I did at the conclusion of Semester One, I will create a brief video with a link and send to all families in Week 8, the final week of attendance for students in the 2022 academic year.

I literally cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by, with so many wonderful events and achievements. I cannot list all of these; however, they are documented in the 2022 Kalori which will make for a great read. The Kalori is distributed to families during the first week of Term 1 2023.

Most recently, the highlights have included the Year 12听Graduation Liturgy and Function at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to being struck with Covid on the evening prior to this very important function, one of the major treats of the year.

All principals wish to farewell their seniors for the final time, and this was a very sad moment for me personally, being unable to witness our seniors exit their College life for the last time. However, on all accounts it was a beautiful evening with everything running smoothly. The students were dressed to impress, and parents and staff as proud as punch.

Thank you to Mr Sam Johnstone for preparing the Liturgy, Mrs Emily Sass and Mr John Hamilton as representatives, stepping into my role at the last minute. Thank you also to our Senior College Coordinators, Mr Stephen Eddington and Mrs Renee French for organising the function at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre, and their wonderful care of the Senior College students throughout the year. I have spoken at length with the seniors about courage and the road ahead of them. They have been an outstanding cohort and terrific role models for the College. As a school community, we wish them well and all the very best in what lies ahead. Well done to all concerned.

Year 10鈥檚

Our Year 10 students also have a large week ahead with many final activities on the cards.

Next Friday will be their final day at school for 2022. They finish with a week of retreats, an activity day, and their final听celebration dinner held at the College.

For those students who have managed to secure apprenticeships or full-time work, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. We congratulate you on your success, but also thank you for your diligence in being the best you can be whilst attending MRC.

For all those continuing with us in Senior College in 2023, we look forward to your return after a refreshing Christmas and summer holiday break.

House Spirit Shield

The House Spirit Shield winner for 2022 is Frayne. House points are accrued from many events held throughout the year. These do not just include athletics and swimming events. In fact, they include all activities we were able to run in House groups. These included, athletics,听swimming, cross country, Year 8 Medieval Day activities, St Vincent De Paul food and clothing appeals, Feast Day, and many others.

Congratulations to Frayne House for taking out this award. Under our four Heads of House, the House system will only become stronger. We want our students to take pride in belonging to a House from the time they enter the College in Year 7, right through to leaving at the conclusion of Year 12.

Our Heads of House and newly elected House Captains, Olivia Collins, Joel Cooper, Tayla Delaney, Zoe Drane, Brayden Hine, Pia Tucker, and Hayden van der Ploeg, will make sure there is a vigorous House spirit competition alive and well in 2023, including many activities that do not just include sport, eg. debating, chess, cultural, service and academic awards, to name a few.

Years 7, 8 and 9 conclude the year with activity days, retreats, and of course, Year 9 camps, on the East Coast, which everyone looks forward to.

This is my final 酷爱成人网 Star for the year and concludes my tenure as 酷爱成人网 Regional College鈥檚 Acting 酷爱成人网 for 2022.

It has been an absolute delight to write to you each fortnight with articles of interest about the school and articles which relate to community growth, wellbeing, and information. It has been my privilege to be the head of the College this year. 酷爱成人网 is a great school, with great staff and students, and a supportive parent community. It is indeed, 鈥渢he school of choice鈥 on the northwest coast of Tasmania.

I have personally loved every minute working with the staff and students. There is real hope for a very successful future for this College.

Thank you to all the staff, teaching and non-teaching, who work so tirelessly to make 酷爱成人网 a great school. I also thank them for their support of myself throughout this year.

Thank you to the students, who on the whole love attending school, and truly appreciate the wonderful learning environment created for them. I look forward to hearing positive stories of student endeavours and MRC successes in the future.

As you are aware, I commenced my teaching career here at 酷爱成人网 in 1984, and 39 years later, I end my principal career听at the same school. Whereas my teaching days may not be totally over, I end my career as a principal after 28 years of principalship at 4 schools over this time. It has been a pleasure, none more so than in meeting the thousands of wonderful people, young and old, along the way.

I wish you all a safe, happy and Holy Christmas holiday break, and all the best for the new year.

God bless.

Kindest regards

Mr Noel Nethery

Acting 酷爱成人网

MRC Board Membership

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the College Board, please express your interest to:

Jennine Williams

PA to the 酷爱成人网

Tel: (03) 6432 7612