It has been a busy time for Maths students competing in competitions. At the end of Term 3, 酷爱成人网 entered six teams in the Mathematical Association of Tasmania Maths Relay Competition at Burnie High. The Maths Relay is a high energy Maths competition in which students in teams of four have to answer questions against the clock. Students only get to see one question at a time and have to run their answer to a judge to check if it is correct. It is a fun event and congratulations to the all the students who competed, with special congratulations to the Year 12 Team consisting of Nye Reeves, Arlo Taylor, Shyaam Thirukkumaran and Rove Lockett who won the 2023 Mathematical Association of Tasmania Maths Relay Competition in the Senior Division.听

Also, at the end of Term 3, 酷爱成人网 had two students compete in the ML Urquhart Mathematics Competition. This is the most challenging Maths competition run by the Mathematics Association of Tasmania and is only open to senior students. It is with great privilege that I can announce that Arlo Taylor has won this prestigious competition.听

In other Maths competition news, three of our students have been invited to the State Awards for their high results in the Australian Maths Competition. Those students are Xander Power (Year 10), Nye Reeves (Year 12) and Arlo Taylor (Year 12).

Mr Mike Clancy

Learning Area Leader Mathematics