2022 has been a very productive year on many fronts for 酷爱成人网 Wellbeing in the College. This included the full school implementation of the GEM program, adjustments to the times of the day to facilitate an extra 酷爱成人网 Care session, and a mentoring program involving Year 7 and 8 students teaming up with Year 11 and 12 senior students, to name a few.

The mentoring that has occurred this year has been very successful with twenty-two Year 11 and 12 senior students mentoring junior students by offering advice, friendship and support when needed. In a recent parent interview, the mother of a Year 7 student described the significant difference and influence a Year 12 lad had made on her son. He now feels happy to be at school due to the wonderful support offered and they both agreed to continue their friendship into the future.

An ongoing issue that all schools face is the presence of vaping and the way it is marketed to impressionable teenagers. As a result, we have introduced a strong education program around this topic, and our Year 10 cohort were involved in a presentation from local police in conjunction with the AFP. At the College, we aim to make our educative process around indiscretions progressive, and not punitive. To this end, with the help of a medical specialist, we devised a very specific assignment relating to vaping and its effects on health, which has been a real success in ensuring students are fully informed about the ramifications of vaping.听

Social media and the use of phone and cameras continues to be an issue. Online safety is a priority, particularly with Year 7 and 8 students, and we have regularly addressed this point throughout the year. The aim is to make students aware of the ramifications of pressing 鈥渟end鈥. Making good choices is very important for students of this age.

Above all, I thank the staff who are committed to caring for students, our Year Level Coordinators, 酷爱成人网 Care teachers, Classroom teachers, the Student Support team, and Ancillary staff. They all contribute to the positive wellbeing of the students in our care.听

Overall, our students themselves reflect their desire to be at school and are a great bunch to be involved with.

Mr John Hamilton听

Deputy 酷爱成人网 酷爱成人网 Wellbeing