The Chemistry Lab is a hive of activity on Thursday evenings as STEM Club students get down to action on their projects. Whether the topic be heavy metal extraction from tailings dams (Nichola) or the usefulness of fruit/vegetables as a source of Vitamin C (Logan-Jack), hands on experimentation is the order of the day. Other topics include the generation of methane from waste kitchen scraps (Fatima), the production of biofuels from plant biomass (Sanuli) and the extraction of electrical energy from lemon cells (Eva). Sneha is in the design phase of her trebuchet and Aditi is planning the method for her project on the aerodynamics of light aircraft. Newcomer, Reuben, is following up on his interest in sound with the design and production of a Chladni Plate.

More details will be shared as projects tend toward completion, hopefully, in good time for the Tasmanian Science Talent Search in October. Every success to all Club members with their projects!

Ms Ann Burke

STEM Coordinator